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Setting-Up Your New Inside The Internet (i3web) Account

I. Creating a Dial-Up Networking Connection

Follow these instructions to use the Wizard to connect to i3web. The installation should take about 10 minutes.

  1. Open the Window Dialup Networking Control Panel by going to Start, Settings, then Dial-Up Networking
  2. Double click on Make New Connection, it will bring you now to the "Welcome to the Dial-Up networking" window, and then click next
  3. Next screen will be opening the "Local Information" window. Enter your area code on the box labelled "What area (or city) code are you in now?" and left blank for the box labelled "for dial number to access an outside line".
  4. Make sure that "United States of America" shows in the box labeled "what country/region are you in now?."
  5. And make sure Tone Dialing is selected, then click Close
  6. On next screen type a name for the computer you are dialing. Type in i3web.
  7. Make sure that your modem is selected in the box labeled "Select a device". Then click Next
  8. On next screen, you enter the dialup number of your choice.And then Next. Find your i3web Phone Number below for your local area.
  9. Then click Finish. Now you are back on the Dial-Up Networking control panel, you should see a new icon for the session you have created called 'i3web'. You are Ready to connect now.
  10. To start the connection, double click on you 'i3web' icon and enter your name and password in the boxes provided. These are the user name and password you requested and are confirmed in your introductory letter. The user name should be enter as username@i3. THESE ARE CASE SENSITIVE SO MAKE SURE YOU TYPE THEM ALL CORRECTLY.

II. Put the connection on your desktop.

From you Dial-Networking control panel, click and hold the new Connection Icon with the left mouse button and drag the icon over to the desktop and release. By doing this you create a shortcut for your i3web connection on your desktop.

III. Fine Tune your communication Protocol Selection

Open the Dial-up Networking control panel icon and choose the i3web icon and right mouse-click it to open up a pop-up menu. Choose the Propertiesoption from the menu.

In the properties window, you will find several settings that can impact the length of time and sucess rate for your Internet connections. These settings also affect the manner in which you transfer data over the Internet. As background, all of your traffic through i3web is done with TCP/IP or (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol or just IP, for short). Any other protocol, most likely, is wasted effort.

Microsoft settings now begin by activating many possible protocols, including ones that are not required for your i3web session. This slows everything down.

Under the Networking tab:

The Dialup Server Type is PPP: Internet, Windows 2000/NT, Windows ME .

For your protocol settings:

Make sure that TCP/IP is the only protocol that should be checked. No not check NetBEUI or IPX/SPX.

Finally, it is possible that you may need to set the TCP/IP settings for this particular connection. Make sure the following are checked:

  • 1. Server Assigned IP addresses
  • 2. Server Assigned Name Server Addresses
  • 3. IP Header Compression
  • 4. Default Gateway

At this point, remember to use the OK button to exit these screens, otherwise, if you were to just "X out," you will not save any changes.

These settings should improve your connection speed and improve delays in the transfer rate of your Internet activity.

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