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Who says bigger is better?

These days it’s hard to overestimate the importance of the Internet to virtually every aspect of your business.

And many businesses have learned the hard way that unnecessary downtime, inefficient or poorly configured networks, and the unresponsive service associated with those giant ISPs all come at a high price – a price you simply don’t have to pay.

At Inside the Internet we go a step beyond those other ISPs by always offering our customers:

  • Unique Internet solutions custom-tailored for their unique needs.
  • Pricing that’s competitive with off-the-shelf systems – not customized solutions.
  • Expert IT consulting to identify – and deliver – the right package of products and services.
  • A firm commitment to nothing less than the very best service – 24/7.

Of course, we offer all the Internet and Web-based solutions you need, including:

  • Managed hosting.
  • Co-location facilities – your Web solutions can be hosted on our servers or yours.
  • Email and Web hosting.
  • SPAM controls.
  • Virus protection
  • Ecommerce functionality.
  • Experience and familiarity with multiple platforms.
  • DSL service for downtown Baltimore.
  • Dial-up service throughout the country.
  • Downtown Baltimore Intranet capabilities.

And, since full-time IT staff is an expense most growing businesses simply can’t sustain, Inside the Internet offers ongoing expert IT consulting that provides all the advantages of full-time IT support without the full-time price.

University of Maryland Baltimore

A preferred provider for the University of Maryland @ Baltimore. A long-standing commitment to Baltimore business.


We’re proud of the fact that U of M selected us to provide Web access for students, faculty, and staff.

We’re also proud to have been chosen by dozens of Baltimore businesses of virtually every size to create, manage, expand, and/or upgrade their network technology. Our commitment to those customers is unwavering.

Since the founding of our sister company in 1992, Inside the Internet, Inc. has specialized in providing customized Internet solutions – just as we’ve developed for the U of M @ Baltimore and for each and every one of our clients – that meet their unique needs at the best possible price. Of course, we provide the technology you need, but our customized solutions, flexible plans, and personal service all add up to an Internet service with a difference – a difference we think you’ll notice right from the start.

Want to know more about our services? Our Products and Services page is the place to start.

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